This article is part of the “Meta Advent 2019” series. I’ve committed to writing a new blog post here every day until Christmas.

Another day, another (official) RuboCop extension. This time it’s focused on the legendary Rake.

I’m happy to announce that for a while we (RuboCop’s team) have been working on rubocop-rake, which extends RuboCop with some extra knowledge of Rake. Currently it includes checks for things like duplicated tasks and namespaces, missing task descriptions, etc. A list of all cops is available here.

Setting up rubocop-rake is really simple. Just add it to your .rubocop.yml and you’re good to go:

  - rubocop-other-extension
  - rubocop-rake

By default all the cops are scoped to Rakefile and *.rake. I doubt you’ll ever have to change those defaults.

Rake is a simple tool and I imagine that rubocop-rake will always remain a small extension. Still, any help with it would be appreciated, as there’s always room for improvement.

That’s all from me for now. I hope you’ll enjoy rubocop-rake. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about it. Until next time! Keep hacking!