I love free software and I do a fair share of work on free software projects. Most of my projects are in the realms of Clojure, Ruby and Emacs and aim to help software engineers be more productive.

My projects are spread over several GitHub accounts:


Here’s a brief run-down of my (somewhat) popular projects.1



These days (circa 2019) Clojure free software work consumes most of my time and energy.

I’m the author of a few projects:

And the primary maintainer or a co-maintainer of a ton of commonly used tools and libraries focused at creating powerful Clojure editing experience:


Emacs is the One True Editor and my biggest life-long obsession. You can safely describe me as an unreasonable (but powerful) Emacs wielding fanatic!

Support Me

Working on free software projects is a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of time and energy. I’d love to be able to turn my free software hobby work into my job, but I’ll need a lot of help from you to get there!

If you like my work consider supporting it by one of those funding platforms:


  1. Popular meaning that probably at least a couple of people use them and find them useful.