I haven’t written anything here in ages, mostly because of the war in Ukraine. Today I’m changing this, with the announcement of a new release of the ultimate Clojure code completion library - compliment.1 The “fatal” 0.3.13 version bundles the following small improvements:

  • #82: Offer completions for quoted/var-quoted symbols (e.g. 'some.ns/symbol and #'some.ns/symbol).
  • #83: Complete local bindings declared in map destructuring with namespaced keywords.
  • #83: Fix completion of local bindings when a context contains namespaced keywords.
  • #84: Enable locals completion for defmethod form.

The new version of compliment has already been integrated in cider-nrepl 0.28.5 and it’s being used by CIDER’s 1.5-SNAPSHOT builds. That’s probably the easiest way to take it out for spin. I hope you’ll love this release and I hope I didn’t mess anything up!

You might be wondering why I’m doing the release announcement this time around instead of compliment’s author and all-star Clojure hacker Alex Yakushev. Well, sadly Alex has been impacted much more by the war than me. He’s from Ukraine and is now fighting for the freedom of his country. In the mean time I’ll be helping Alex out a bit with the maintenance of compliment until he’s back home safe and sound.

Alex is a great Clojure hacker and a great person all around, and these days he’s in my thoughts quite often. I’m looking forward to the day when we’d be able again to chat about Clojure over beers and hot dogs in downtown Kyiv. Remember Ukraine and all its heroes! Glory to the heroes!

  1. You might not know its name, but it powers the code completion functionality of most Clojure editors and IDEs these days (e.g. CIDER, Calva, vim-fireplace, iced-vim, etc).