It’s been quite a while since the last “Meta Reduce” update I wrote and a lot of things have happened in the mean time.1 Let’s go over them real quick.

Style Guide Updates

Most of my time for OSS work recently went into converting the various style guides I co-maintain into AsciiDoc and publishing them as beautiful websites. You can see the results here:

The changes to the guides are not skin-deep - I’ve also spent quite a lot of time moving content around and re-arranging it in a (hopefully) more logical fashion.

All of this is still very much work in progress and there are many more updates to do. Thanks to all the editors of the style guides, who have worked on the conversions (special credit goes to the tireless Phil Pirozhkov). I’ll likely write a dedicated post (or two) to expand on the subject in the weeks to come.

CIDER Docs Updates

CIDER’s new docs site now features a powerful search powered by Algolia DocSearch. I’ve also been pretty busy cleaning up, extending and re-arranging content.

RuboCop Rails

RuboCop 0.72 finalized the extraction of the Rails cop and now we’re closer than ever to a RuboCop 1.0 release. I hope to get there by the end of the year.

Upcoming Conferences

Heart of Clojure is right around the corner and I’m really hyped about it. That’s going to be my very first time co-hosting a conference, so I hope I won’t mess up too much. :-)

I also got a surprise invitation to speak at :clojure/south - a brand new Clojure conference in Brazil and I’m pretty excited about it as well. I’ve never been to any conferences in South America and this seems like a great way to change this.

Looking forward to seeing some of you at one of those two events!

Real World

There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t had much time for blogging lately. The first reason is, of course, work. Around the end of the quarter it always gets extra busy on the job and my time and energy for side-projects dwindle. The second reason, however, is the exact opposite of the first one.

It’s the summer season here in Europe and I took a bit of downtime recently to recharge my batteries. I always liked vacations in the end of June as all the good (seaside) places are still not swarming with people and you can actually relax a bit. I’ve enjoyed some quality time in Crete and Sicily2 and lots of great Greek and Italian food. I’m also proud of myself for managing to navigate successfully the crazy Sicilian traffic, as I’m certainly many things, but good driver is not one of them.

I made quite a bit of progress with my reading lately. Here are all the books I’ve read since the last “Meta Reduce”:

  • “Burning Chrome”
  • “Hit Refresh”
  • “Minority Report and Other Stories”
  • “The Collapsing Empire”
  • “Tiamat’s Wrath”
  • “The Obelisk Gate”
  • “The Stone Sky”
  • “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
  • “Smart Money”

You can see how I’ve rated each of them on Goodreads. I’ve been using it casually for years, but last year I promised myself to push myself to read more and Goodreads has been instrumental in tracking my progress and nudging me to keep up with my promise.

The last couple of books might surprise some of you, as most of the time I read fiction or leadership/management type of literature these days. I’ve lately been excited about getting my personal finances in order and I’ve been spending a lot of time reading up on the subject. It’s almost as fun as programming!

Last but not least - movies and TV shows! You should see “Chernobyl” if you haven’t done so already - it’s an amazing show! One of the best I’ve ever seen!3 I don’t recall seeing any really memorable movies lately, but I did enjoy the remake of “Aladdin” and I finally got to see “John Wick”. Now I’ve started watching “Stranger Things” (Season 3) and I plan to follow this up with “Dark”.

That’s all from me for now. I have no idea how useful these type of posts are to anyone, but it’s kind of fun writing them. Enjoy the summer!

  1. Frankly, by now I’ve forgotten most of what’s happened. 

  2. I have a thing for islands. 

  3. Even if they didn’t manage to capture the Sovient mentality/personality very accurately.