Writing is hard. As is naming stuff.1

Meta Redux is a re-boot of my blogging endeavours that failed miserably so far due to a combination of poor choice of tools and lack of vision, time, and writing skills. I believe this time around I got the tooling2 and the vision right, but I can make no promises about the rest.

Back in the day I wanted to write just for the sake of writing. And maybe with the hope that my posts were going to bring me fame and glory. Today I feel that I’ve got a lot of really interesting thoughts worth sharing on my mind and I hope that this blog is going to be an useful creative outlet. I don’t really care at this point whether I’ll actually get any readers (although I won’t mind some), but I care a lot about the things I’ll share with you. Perhaps I’ve grown older and wiser. I’m pretty certain about the older part.

Today happens to be my birthday, so this new blog is a small gift to both me and you.

They say the third time is a charm, so fingers crossed…

  1. The name of this blog is, of course, a tribute to Emacs (in particular to its legendary Meta-x keybinding). 

  2. It’s just Jekyll. No bells, no whistles, no nonsense.