Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever
Then we could be heroes, just for one day

– David Bowie, Heroes

This tweet made my day:

It’s a great reminder of how awesome the Clojure community is. I was truly touched by the tweet (as I didn’t really expect it, plus I was having a pretty bad day) and I already feel like I’ve won the “Clojure Hero” award! Thanks for the kind words, Daniel! I’m honoured and humbled to be on your list!1

All this reminded me that we often don’t value enough the people who make Clojure so awesome. Let me address this today by “nominating” three more Clojurians for the “Clojure Hero” award:

I’m reasonably certain they need no introduction and that most of you are well aware of their huge impact on the Clojure community. I’ll just say “Thank you! You’re awesome! Clojure wouldn’t not be the same without you!”.

Last, but not least - a very big “Thanks!” to Rich, Stu Halloway, Alex Miller, David Nolen and everyone else on Clojure(Script)’s team. There wouldn’t be a Clojure community without you!2

So, who are your nominees for the “Clojure Hero” award? Why don’t you reach out to them and let them know how much you value their contributions to the Clojure community? I’m sure this small gesture is going to mean a lot to them!

  1. And you’re certainly on mine. 

  2. I’m pretty sure they are on everyone’s list. :-)